Friday, February 24, 2012

Steam punk romance are the H-bomb!

I have always enjoyed reading Meljean Brook stories in anthologies. Her short stories are tightly plotted, well-paced with peopled with awesome characters you fall in love with. However, I found her Guardian series disappointing, but who cares when her steam punk romances are like totally awesome?

Hero: 5/5 stars
Heroine: 5/5 stars
Storyline: 5/5 stars
Pacing: 5/5 stars
Fun Factor: 5/5 stars
Repeat Reading Factor: 5/5 stars

Basically, it's about two damaged people drawn together in an adventure fraught with megalodons and kraken monsters, zeppelin airships and nanoagents. Can't say much more without massive spoilers, but seriously, read this. Guys will enjoy the adventure and technology aspects, the romance addicts will be swept away but the grand passion. 

All in all, a fabulous time was had while reading this.


I don't understand that reference said...

Hetero romance lol! I haven't had those in ahem quite a while. I'm more deviant in my 'guilty pleasure' Hmmm maybe I should give this a try just because of the 'megalodons' mention and dat abs on da cover.. curiously want to find out which part is 'iron' on the duke lol!

Snuze said...

Go read! Go read! You will adore it, trust me. Got zombies also!

Darling, I saw your OTP and understand perfectly your preference. *grin* I prefer gen fanfic since I don't 'ship anyone, except for Arthur and Eames from Inception for a while, but then I dropped out of it. But there are many awesome writers out there who could make you buy a pairing so hard, you want moar of their love story.

I will admit to having a livejournal where I squee fandom (heavy on SPN) but I don't have much time for it anymore. *frowns*

When it comes to novels, I find that gay (M/M) romances read like normative het romance written in the 80's. Read: not so nice. Character development is lousy, storyline so-so. Unless it's written by a woman. Women write gay romance better than gay men do, LOL.

I don't understand that reference said...

I'm so with you on some of the M/M publish works. I think it is because the writers have
words limit and if they want to make it into
series, the books can stand on its own. I saw one M/M publish work from a well known M/M author who wrote one story of hers feels like a Merlin/Arthur fanfic. She just change the names and add in some few stuff and call it her original.

Slash fanfic had few best works I ever seen in all fandom, they even had some best original ideas. But lately the SPN fandom fics that I read are so dark and depressing so I turn to M/M publish works to lightened the mood.

But I met few authors who wrote M/M original publish works not like the het 80's romance. I can email you all the ebooks if you are interested :D

P/S : I have just finish downloading The Iron Duke.. will read it and will rant here when I finish

Snuze said...

Share away, please! I would be beyond delighted. =D

When I first got into fandom, it was via fanfics. The beauty of the SPN fandom is that if you don't slash, there are still plenty of stuff for you to read. But I have not checked out the SPN fandom in aeons. Once I start, it would mean sleeping at 4 am on a weekday and that would be bad. :p

Ah weekend. Why you two days only?

I don't understand that reference said...

Umm.. how to email you lol! Ok anyway I bagi I punyala mind it amirah1975 at gmail dot com. Sebenar I jumpa a male M/M writers yg agak bagus... He wrote a very long story that menjankgau 25 years of the characters lives. It started mmg very dark sbb the characters are soldiers, he wrote it for free and put it on his blog.

Anyway I will explain all in the email to you along with the ebook attachments :D. So sent me an email then I can balas to you with the stories

Umm I don't understand.. what you mean when you said 'weekend.. why you two days only?' Sorry I very slow lol!

Snuze said...

Hahaha ... I e-mailed you oready, dearling. *awaits e-books, rubbing hands gleefully*

Weekend only two days ... pretty standard the world over, but the lazy bum in me wants moar, hehehe.

I don't understand that reference said...

Hi Sue :D

I've had a bit of a problem about this book lol! But please don't make any judgement yet about me. Hear me out first. Well I cheated a bit and flip and I found out if I'm not mistaken (please correct me if I'm wrong) that I do not like some part of Mina. I like about her work and everything esle, but when it comes to the Hero aka Iron Duke, she became some sort of a timid, blushing virgin. Was she a virgin? I skip so I did not found out, I hate went the hero and heroine meet and she said 'Oh he's such an arrogant man, bla, bla.. but I is attracted to him, oh! what do it do? what do i do? I is sooo confuse *sigh*. And when I skip he is still chasing for a KISS up to half of the book lol! which totally frustrate my pr0n self :P

Maybe I'm not in the right mind or mood for this book. Because I'm in that 'werewolf claim mating' kinda phase when two ppl meet, shebang, fuck and bite, claim, growl! after that they can bitch, drama, bitch about it lol!

But what save this was her second book, Heart of Steel. She puts a male character is sorta Mina shoes and a bit of different kinda of female hero. I think I like Yasmeen. And I realise it's a theme for both of the writer's book- this chasing a KISS until half of the book. And it made the writer a redeem in my eyes. Although it is not really my cup of tea. I'm willing to give Heart of Steel a chance.

My dream and all time heroine is Geena Davis as Morgan in Cutthroat Island, she literally is the type who fuck and run lol! but then there is always a need for a little romance too yeah, but too much it'll bored me.

Anyway, I took the epub version of Heart of Steel, and convert it to text file, then break it up into smaller text for each chapter. I went to an online site and convert it to speech mp3. So now currently, I'm going into chapter 4 (I'm doing this because I can multitask-listen and do other things and it helps me stay focus on the book). I really want to read het romance novels but most of the heroine turn me off. I have a good feeling, maybe I can finish this Heart of Steel (I have only converted it to mp3 up to chapter 8). I will be keeping the mp3 audio of the chapters. So FYI, if you are interested in it, I can put it at and then give links to you (each chapter file is big, I don't think I can attach it to email)

Snuze said...

Hola, Mila!

Sorry for the late reply. I will admit that I now prefer books that concentrates more on character and plot development, pr0n is not so important (cos when I want pr0n, I go for it without any plot or character frills *grin*).

It's not so much about "Oh, I want him but I loathe him" case for Mina as in she's very thinky about how her attraction to him will impinge her life and those around her. It's also because she could be categorised as a rape survivor (the Frenzy induced by the Horde forces people to have uninhibited sex, often without consent or consideration for the partner) which explains her hesitation to shake the sheets with Rhys.

Rhys too had his issues, sex-wise. I love the way this was explored in both of them without going out of character or affecting the storyline.

Seriously, hold on to your patience and work your way through the book. I mean, how often do you get stories when the heroine save the guy, TWICE? The role subverting is something I really liked and also something I see a lot in Elizabeth Vaughn's Plain (or Star) series.