Friday, February 24, 2012

Be careful what you ask your Dad ...

... he might just tell you.

And your life will never be the same again. MWAHAHAHAHAH!


adham said...

Dear snuze (how should i address you?) would you be kind to enable mobile version of your blog?

adham said...

Btw, what trickery is this?! farts sniffer?!!

Freddie Kevin said...


Let me think now.


Snuze said...

Hi, Adham!

I would be delighted to make the blog mobile accessible ... except I don't know how. :p

Let me me work on it, yeah?

Freddie! Have you asked your Dad risque stuff too?? *grin*

Snuze said...

Hi again, Adham!

I think I got it fixed that you can view the posts from mobile devices. Let me know if you have a problem with it.

Just calling me Snuze is find. However, if we do meet IRL, then you can call me something else. *grin*

Have a nice day!

adham said...

Yeah! Works like charm. Gracias =)