Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yummy stuff ahead

Wedding cake for geeks of every flavour. As an amateur baker whose idea of cake decoration is slopping vast quantities of ganache over every inch of said baked goods, I can only marvel at the amount of work and creativity that goes into these.

*props chin to admire some more*

All pics swiped from Jet City Cakes.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emo goth, moi?

Because sharing is caring, hein?

Within Temptation's operatic goth/symphonic rock style is fabulous. They suffer comparisons to Evanescence, but I think that they have a wider repertoire to their American counterpart. It also helps that Sharon den Andel sounds really good live, which, unfortunately, cannot be said for Amy Lee.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feel guilty no more!

If you have a tendency to reach for the chips packet and are fond of dousing your food with salt, you may sniff at the doomsayers who insists that you will die of hypertension (of which you might) and say ...

"It's in my genes."

Everyone knows if you have such genetic predispositions you are a victim and have no control over yourself.

So there.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Word of the Day

parachronism (n.)

An error in chronology, esp. the placing of an event later than its real date; error of this kind.

Everyone knows that Evelyne's claim about her real age is nothing but a parachronism.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The universe is out to screw you when ...

Your attempt to save the universe results in the erasure of your existence by a Silurian and everybody (including your fiancee!) forgets you.

Except for The Doctor.

It must be a tragedy but yet I am consumed by the desire to giggle madly.

And I'm not even a fan of the show.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electrons going haywire

Many of us don't realise it but the world runs on electrons. Energy excites the electrons and we see things, hear things, do things. Movement of electrons generate the energy for things to happen.

Electrons power the Internet. Yay!

As a reading addict, the Internet is both a boon and bane. The sheer amount of information anyone with a connection can access is almost unimaginable. Consider that a person of my stature fifty years ago would not even get to read a fraction of the stuff I could get my grubby paws on right now.

With all the gadgets that we have now; 3G cellphones (4G now?), iPads, netbooks, PDAs, we are connected 24/7. Services such as Twitter and Facebook keep us connected with people we wouldn't have thought about in years, much less care that they are alive. It gives us a false sense of popularity. Sometimes I see people with more than a thousand friends and I marvel at how they check their friends' status updates.

Maybe they don't bother.

E-mails used to be an exotic wonder when I was an undergraduate. Not many people have Internet access then (no kids, this was not the prehistoric times. It was a mere dozen years ago) so people keep in touch the old fashioned way.

Semaphores, wireless (no, not WiFi), smoke signals, talking drums, etc.

Just kidding.

The connectivity that we have now can be claustrophobic. Ask anyone whose bosses think nothing off ringing/texting/e-mailing them at all hours just because they can.

Some people think of it as a badge of honour to be hounded so; it makes them feel like a vital cog of the organisation. What it makes you is the go-to patsy. Not to mention that cogs can always be replaced. There are such things called spare parts.

This connectivity is also addictive. Studies have shown that little packets of dopamine rushes are the reason why you keep checking that little LCD screen for the newest status updates/comments/RSS feed/spam in the inbox to be relegated to the trash bin. We are addicted to information and the toys that gave us access to it. Texting messages mean more to us than making we sure we don't wrap our cars around the telephone pole.

Personally, I think that all this information availability at our fingertips is inducing ADHD in us. We learn a lot of things, but not in depth. Tony Schwartz puts it "our attention under siege". This is not good for someone who has the attention span of a gnat (i.e. moi).

Isn't it a good thing my finances don't allow me to get an iPhone?

*scurries off to check for new fanfics*

Mid-week sh*t and giggles

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You + me + baby makes 3

While I was doing literature review for my previous project, I discovered a plethora of concoctions for gila meroyan (post-partum depression) in traditional Malay medicine. The Malays take psychological health of new mothers seriously, judging by the variety of tisane available for this malady.

Again, in these times of gender equality, even fathers get post-partum depression.


Wonder if all those concoctions would work on anxious, suicidal daddys too.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

For a sylph-like silhouette

Often it is said that vanity, thy name is woman but in these times of gender equality, even men wear foundation garments.

Shape up, tuck in, define - that's what foundation garments are for. They can run anywhere from low down RM 45 to thousands.

My fav quote from the article?

“Spanx for Men is all good, until you meet a chick,” one skeptic warned on Twitter. “You gain 45 lbs when you get naked.”

Alas, there are some things that can never be hidden.

Surgical Word of the Day

Gouge (n) a curved chisel used in orthopaedic operations to cut and remove bone.

Mary daydreamed about plunging a gouge in the cheatin', lyin' heart of her son-of-a-bitchin' boyfriend.

The beautiful painting is by Pino.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geological Word of the Day

Ignivomous (Ig`niv´o`mous) : Vomiting fire.

Joe was ignivomous after consuming the leftover vodka.

Oh, and the thing about exploding eggs in the microwave oven? It is not an urban legend. Please take note.

However, if you choose to ignore caution and do it anyway, please take a video and upload it on youtube. Your pain need not be in vain.