Friday, February 10, 2012

Your online privacy is ephemeral, kids

If you have kids and they have Facebook, it behoves you to check out what they are up to online every so often.

I felt for this guy, I do. Heck, his kid and I aren't too dissimilar, except I'm not stupid enough to bitch about my parents on Facebook when my Dad works in IT.


Seorang Blogger said...

At first i tot how scary it is to have kids nowadays, but toward the end of the vid i hv to agree with some of the commentators.. She's only 15 man! And shooting the laptop wont do her any good.. Where does he thinks she get her rebellious genes from?

Snuze said...

Yes, by 15 years old she should have some brain and appreciation of her good luck in life. I am sure her father must have shared the hardships he had undergone at her age and she ought to understand that good things don't always come easy.

I think what got me is the underlying pain in his voice at the way his daughter described her parents. How when they are old, she won't help them. And stuff.

Perhaps viewing her from the prism of an Asian person coloured my perception, but to me, speaking of your parents in such a way is ... sociopathic. Sociopaths are incapable of empathy and love; they are good at manipulating and emotionally coercing others to get what they want.

I think the father is deeply hurt because he thought that he raised her better; that her behaviour was an indication of his failure as a parent. The way she phrased things, like all the good things in her life is her due and it ought to rain on her just because she wants it ... it made me really sad on her parents' behalf.


adham said...

Biadap sangat si anak ni. Mmg lah kadang2 kita tak puas hati dgn parents, tp diorg pn manusia gak. Point2 yg budak tulis tu xmasuk akal langsung. Marah sebab kene buat kerja rumah? Mcm org lain xkene buat housechores

Snuze said...

Tu la, Adham. Budak omputis ni manja gila. Tapi kat sini pun tenok ramai bebudak sket lebih kurang jer.

Contoh: I gi makan lunch umah sepupu I. Tenok anak lelaki dia makan, habis makan pergi sink basuh tangan tp pinggan tak bawak. Berdesing telinga, I tegur je. "Dah alang2 gi sink basuh tangan, bawak la sekali pinggan tu. Dah alang2 tangan tu basah, basuh la sekali pinggan tu. Senang sikit mak kamu."

Terkulat2 budak2 tu. Sepupu I diam jer. I rasa bersalah gak cam marah anak dia depan dia cam tu (kalau kat belakang, rasa bersalah tak?) tapi waktu tu mcm nyirap darah tengok. Mak dia kena jaga rumah, masak, jaga cucu kecik2 3 orang; langsung takde akal nak tolong sikit mak dia. *menyeringai*

Bile tenok FB bapak dia, mamat tu kata anak dia akur dgn tindakan dia menibai laptop tu dgn peluru kaliber .45 tu, hehehe. Kira2 bapak ngan anak dah berdamai, dah kira ok la. Anak tu pun dah faham kenapa dia tak elok buat cam tu.

Kira happy ending gaks la.