Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maths rule!

Okay, I flunked maths. A lot. But there is no denying that the universal language is really numbers and mathematics. If you go to the Andromeda, only earthlings speak English/Arabic/Malay/Mandarin/whatever. But all over the universe, 1 + 1 + 1 will always equal 3. When it comes to numbers and equations, there is no need for a translator, the meaning doesn't change across linguistic acrobatics.

The wave equation explains why some sounds are pleasing to our ears and why some just makes us grit our teeth (nails down the chalk board, anyone?). It is also modified in studying earthquakes to let us understand the phenomenon and predict little stuff like tsunamis.

Maxwell's equations are the base of our communication technology: from the old telegraph to our mobile phones. Schrodinger's cat may or may not be in the box (or both dead AND alive), but his equation translates quantum mechanics into things like your DVD player and smart phones. As for Fourier transform, suffice to say that you can thank him for removing unwanted noise from your recording and the manipulations to make your digital photographs prettier.

Equations make the world go round.

Vive le numbers!

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- - said...

wah. entri maths di subuh hari.

Snuze said...

Hehehe. Itupun aku curik bulat2 dari tempat lain, hahahah!

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Really never have been good at, know nuts about Maths.

Anyway, it has been said that Math is a language, as is music.

I take that to mean, get two Maths whizz of different nationalities and they can communicate thru written equations.

Same for music, take two maestros communicating thru music notes.

Point? Those are written communications but when spoken - it's music to the ears that wins hands down!

And chess is maths, Viva Kasparov!

Warm, best and everything nice wishes

Snuze said...

That is so true, Freddie!

Seorang Blogger said...

pernahkah kau menonton A BEAUTIFUL MIND dan PROOF? kisah2 mathematician dengan formula2 mereka yang aku x faham (wp kau kata math adalah bahasa universal heeee, bkn salah math, tp aku yg x pandai mengira heee) tp kisah2 mereka menarik dan mengagumkan kerana mereka berbahasa menggunakan nombor. juga GOOD WILL HUNTING.

adham said...

Math is my archilles's heel

Snuze said...

Pidah, aky dah tengok A Beautiful Mind dan Good Will Hunting. Memang best! Buat seketika aku perasan aku pun boleh terer matematik, lepas tu aku teringat: pengkamiran pun aku tak pass. Hahahah!

Dan juga aku tidak schizophrenic ataupun maths prodigy. Heh.

High five, Adham!