Monday, February 6, 2012

Greatest love of all ...

In my blog-hopping adventures, I was privileged to find all kinds of interesting stuff: from amateur Malaysian porn (freely available with no passwords, mind you) and how to make tiramisu cake as well as semi-fictitious accounts of life in the armed forces.

No, I am not going to share the porn sites. You can look for it yourself. It's easy.

But today I found a most profound observation about naughty children and us. Who of us have never given the lethal evil stare to children who ran over our feet with their roller sneakers in the shopping mall? (I freely admit to a burning desire to stick my foot out and see them fly over the Center Court ballustrade at Midvalley). Or the screaming running children in the mosque/temple/church before/during/after prayer times? What about the kids who stole the semi-ripe mangoes from your tree, ate half of it and threw the rest away where you can see it?

Do we ever recall that we were once pain-in-the-arse-little-shites ourselves?

Okay, perhaps some of you were perfect little angels who never questioned the authority, get dirty or done something that felt so good at the time but later regretted. But the point here is that we all evolve.

There have been students from religious schools turned whore-monger and drunkard when they experienced the bright lights of the big city for the first time. There are those who used to raise hell, found God and is now living an examplary life. We all capable of change as well as being agents of change.

Let's show a little more compassion to the naughty little ones and show them the better example of being the best that they can be. In a good way, of course.

And not follow Whitney Houston's crash and burn. Keep remembering that we all live in glass houses; no one can afford to throw the first stone.


N.Ashikin said...

well written, sis! mmmmuaah!

p/s: but, what is the meaning of; "Keep remembering that we all live in glass houses; no one can afford to throw the first stone"? hehehe you are too deep! <333

Snuze said...

Deep? Hah. I'm about as deep as the afternoon rain puddle.

The phrase means that we all make mistakes as well; so we cannot be pointing fingers and behaving in a superior manner. Only Allah knows, so only He can judge.

If you live in glass houses and people throw stones, what happens? If then, why would you be throwing stones as well?

That's all.

N.Ashikin said...

owh, idiom ye ^___^
now i understand better, thank you!!!

The greatest thing I ever realized due to one's previous (present, even) mistakes is how allah put humbleness in oneself before others. Because of the previous mistakes, He saves one from being arrogant. When one thinks back how much He hates arrogant people, one can only thinks of how grateful one is ^_^

Angela Gripesalot said...

i like "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" more better, but same same lah.

love that writer's style. stoic, beb XD

Snuze said...

Yeah, Angela ... loads of Biblical reference pepper our literary references, no?

And after using La Houston as example, she is nao joined the ranks of the dearly departed.

RIP, Whitney. Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing (badly).