Thursday, May 19, 2011

My namesake!

Or is it the other way round?

Don't care. Here's the cutest video of a sloth trying to cross the road in Costa Rica. I gotta say; the good Samaritan sure have the most fantastic legs.

Isn't the sloth adorable?

(ganked from here)


naz said...

If it were up to the sloth to cross road, I do wonder how long would it takes?

Snuze said...

Naz: I think if it were up to the sloth, he/she'd be roadkill. A sloth is not made for crossing busy roads; it is a creature of the arboratum. Poor things.

Did you see them crazy claws? Habis satu botol nail polish sekali manicure.

Angela Gripesalot said...

man, i was cringing up until Ranger Joe showed up. Ranger Joe saved the day!

naz said...

Hahaha, tulah giler panjang. but u r right it is kinda adorable :p.
That means u r adorable to then.. hee

Ri said...

to me, sloths look adorable when they are being.. well, slothful :P

but crawling on the road like that, sort of gives me the creeps. looks like something that may sneak up on you slowly but surely, then suddenly tear your guts out!

naz said...

Ju-on much??? *hehehehe*

Snuze said...

Angela: Ranger Joe of the fantastic legs! *drool*

Naz: Me? Adorable? *snicker* I try, but it is more adorkable, really.

Ri: I kesian tengok dia merangkak cam tu. Sungguh terseksa. Tak pernah terfikir yang kuku 4 inci itu boleh merobek daging mereka yang terlalai oleh kecomelannya!

Naz: I only watch Supernatural. No horror movies. Besides, the fur is of wrong colour.

naz said...

Hahaha..... Well dorky can also be cute.. :p