Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carl Linnaeus!

Carolus Linnaeus made pigeon-holing and characterising animals and plants to an elevated science. In honour of his 300th birthday, a group of scientists in Sweden decided to throw a party to celebrate it. It took 3 years to organise (any wedding planner given this kind of time-line would run screaming into the night).

Have a look at the party here. It is super awesome.


naz said...

U r really into cats ke?
BTW happy birthday to Linnaeus!!!
3 years of preparation and 3 days celebration.
Scientists and doctors can really plan. :)

Snuze said...

I only like cats in pictures or the stuffed variety (toy). Live types need not apply.

Yup, geeks throw the best parties.

me the martian said...

heck, it is not easy to classify :P

Snuze said...

Zu: If you ever take a taxonomy class, you may feel like setting Linnaeus on fire. XD