Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another midweek sh*ts and giggles.

You've already left Monday ... but Friday is still a day away.

Have some chuckles.

Isn't good that we have super strict gun laws in Malaysia?

Duct tape. Good for all emergencies. And I mean all.

Why is it Asian movie ghosts have to be female with long hair? What about those with boy cuts? Or men! Aren't there any male ghosts?  *rants some more*

Ow! My head! *clutches refrigerator*

If you know and see what you want, go and get it.

What Child Protective Services? The kid is having fun!

Getting hammered. The Charlie Sheen solution to all problems. Learn from the winner, little girl.


naz said...

These are the best. I guess if guns were allowed the death tolls of Malaysians will increase. The traffic jams here are massive.

Snuze said...

On the other hand, after all the 2$$h*le drivers have been rendered six feet under and their killers have been stuffed in prison, there are less cars on the road. Less congestion. Smoother traffic.

*rubs chin thoughtfully*

It is a pretty brilliant solution, actually!

naz said...

hahaha...see everything must be a solution for something even how irrational it may sound. :p

me the martian said...

power siot makcik tu!

Snuze said...

Naz: Sometimes my solution make me wonder if I am a sociopath ... hmmm ... don't care. *grin*

Zu: Berat gila tau, AK47 tu! Must have killer biceps underneath that jubah.

naz said...

there is always a sociopath in everyone. The road congestions in KL make sure of it.