Thursday, February 6, 2014


Just. Stop.

Stolen in entirety from here.


Y Honeybunch said...

Hello Snuze! I have been reading this blog since a couple days ago and I like reading your posts that talk about religious extremism an women's right.
And I have also commented your posts by being anonymous :D

Yes, I am sick of women being blamed for rape, molestation and social evil. Oh how about MEN who are odomized? Does that mean men should also cover their heads with turbans and wear lose robes to prevent from being an*l raped? What about incest? The victims' faults too? What about child rape? The poor child's fault too?
Rape has nothing to do with how a person dresses. Rapists rape usually because they want to control and weaken the victims. That's why rape often occurs during war.
Some misogynists will say "Oh look at how low the rape rates in countries such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia where women cover almost everything". F%$k off! The rape statistics that we can easily get are based on REPORTED cases. It doesn't include rape that goes unreported. In those so-called "low rape" countries, rape victims can also go to jail for adultery, hated by family members, forced to marry the rapists or even honor killed! So which rape victims dare to report? Agree or disagree with me?

Snuze said...

Hello Honeybunch!

Thank you for dropping by and welcome. =)

I agree with you wholeheartedly on all points. I think it's heinous that people kept blaming short skirts, long hair etc on rape cases. What about those swathed in burqa and niqab? Those got raped too. Little children who have no curves?

We need to work to encourage society to put the blame rightly where it should be: with the RAPIST.

I advocate chemical castration for rapists.

Y Honeybunch said...

Yes, I also think that the rapists deserve chemical castration. Or maybe punish the rapists by making them suffer from erectile disfunction. :D

I have written something about rape here:

And what do you think of Riduan Masmud, the child rapist? If he really raped the young girl whom he is 'married too', 12 years imprisonment and 2 lashes are not enough for this dude.

Anonymous said...

chemical beb?

aku tak setuju!

baik potong terus. with that thing attached to them, dorang ni tak boleh nak produktif d tempat kerja dan dalam kehidupan, asek pikir nak memuaskan benda tu je kan!

cut it off, so they become productive dan menguntung kan negara!!

-mak jijah-

Snuze said...

Well, Honeybunch, at least in the case of Riduan Masmud he *did* get the punishment as outlined by the law. If we feel that the law is not punitive enough, we must lobby the politicians to amend this.

Mak Jijah, nak potong benda tu memang memuaskan hati, tapi aku tak berapa gemar physical mutilation. Kalau chemical castration tu, dia takde nafsu terus. Tiang pun dah takleh nak tegak. Pencegahan gak tu. Jadi ko nak diorang boleh productive dan tidak asyik mikirkan benda tu, nah, boleh juga!