Friday, February 14, 2014

Bah humbug

I like Matthew Inman's take on Valentine's Day. I like his Valentine cards even more.

*hums Love is All Around by Wet Wet Wet*

His hirsute highness, Monyet King, has also presented guidelines for your enjoyment of this Valentine.

Have fun!


Y Honeybunch said...

I am still new in this Blogosphere so I am too late for the awesome Monyet King. Where is he now? I ROTFL'ed so hard while reading his hilarious posts.

Happy Valentine's Day!
But I am single :'(

Beware of the religious police.

Snuze said...

Hi Honeybunch!

Monyet King is mostly on Facebook these days. So feel free to friend him there!

Like you, I am single and carefree! I plan to spend my Valentine evening watching my beloved on TV. Let's see who wins the draw: Tom Hiddleston or Tom Hardy.


zulaikha mohammad said...

simply irresistible :P

Goh LinLin said...

Guffaw @ the bald eagle landing on d privates .

Abd Jalil Tahir said...

the local equivalent to the bald eagle is dua bijik klapa! hee hee