Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have a good weekend!

You just can't please everyone

Yeah. That's hot. Right.

Breaking up is hard to do.

How's the scenery viewed from your padded cell?
Forever alone.

I like that word. I used it to hang my friend in Hangman.

Jurassic love.

You are ...mythical.

You are adored, Mr Cumberbatch.

You don't mess with Mr Walken.

I'm a Cumberbitch Peggster Urbabe.

Not unless I'm being chased. And maybe not even then.

No surprise but they are no longer together.


Angela Gripesalot said...

The Cumberfail made me laugh so hard. Is it sadder considering the OP is in the UK? He and Herr Walken should make a movie together. In fact, if they made a film with Joss Whedon, I think it would mark the realization of a great many nerd dreams.

Snuze said...

OMG YES!!!! Seriously, I went to watch Into Darkness for one thing and one thing only.

La Cumberbatch.

I don't suppose you would be willing to purvey to me some slashy stuff to be enjoyed courtesy of that film, would you?

Pretty please with sugar on top?

Anonymous said...

I'll see what turns up. Guessing you have a favourite galactic terrorist now. Did you like Speech 1 or Speech 2 or Speech whatever more? LOL.

- Angela.

Snuze said...

I like 'em all! All pairings entertained, particularly with Dom!Khan in play!


Angela Gripesalot said...

Kayso this isn't slash per se, but it's an excellent primer:

This is me taking the easy way out:

I think the pickings are kinda slim right now because the film opened, say, last week in the US? Also, I'm slightly afraid of what I'll find.

Soldiering on.