Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keep the faith!

Men, if you want to reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack, stay faithful to your wife.

The numbers don't lie.


aisyah said...

love your self, love your wife. :)

ooo, btw, i read the study on 'Happy Teens More Likely to divorce', the article before this one, and i am shock! am i supposed to not let my kids happy when they're teenagers???

hahaha :)

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

With pre-nups, modern marriage oaths, the word cheating means a breach of marriage contract, some might not consider "cheating".. cheating.

Have a marvelous week ahead and weekend.


Queen of hearts said...

But there are more women cheating on their hubbies these days.

Aisyah, happy teens are more likely to end up in a divorce? but I also read that unhappy/sad/depressed teens tend to commit suicide D: Raising children these days ain't an easy task. I just go with the flow.

As for marriage, it's best to communicate. Whatever it is, always communicate with your spouse. When the communication stops, problem starts.

adham said...

Too much excitement for old heart maybe