Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belladonna (Ephemera, #2)Belladonna by Anne Bishop

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I did not like Anne Bishop's style or the universe she created. I find her unnecessarily convoluted and her storyline unsatisfying. The characters feel like caricatures to me; basically, the protagonist is the textbook definition of a Mary Sue, in my humble opinion.

Am I too harsh? Maybe I got spoiled by Patricia Briggs' sword-and-sorcery books that have the plots tightly woven peopled with engaging characters. But then again, sword-and-sorcery is not a favourite genre of mine anyway.

Ri, jangan marah ya. Nanti kena jual. :p

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Ri said...

anne bishop actually got a lot of bad reviews.
but i thought u'd find the male-female gaduh2 amusing. guess, i was wrong :P

Snuze said...

I love male-female gaduh!! The Kate Andrews-Curran romance is currently my to-swoon-for thing.

1st kali jumpa, minah tu ejek dia.

2nd kali jumpa, mamat tu ugut nak bunuh dia.

Back and forth, the physical and verbal abuse they heap on one another. She kicked his head, he throttled her, she drew a knife on him...

But he took care of her when she's hurt, she fought off monsters trying to kill him, he got 3rd degree burns saving her when the building was collapsing and she impaled herself on a sword to save him.

*That* is romance for me. *grin*

Conflict can be how two strong characters work out their differences and settle down into their relationship. So finally in book 4 they gave in and settled into a relationship. Beautiful.

Minah Belladonna tu Mary Sue gila ... she has no flaws except that she reasons like she's only 13 years old. The kind of mistakes she made are petulant, so payah nak suka kat dia.