Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sick puppies 'R' us

All under cut ... totally NSFW sentiments all around.

You have been warned.


zlkmhd said...

oh god i love them pics it's hard to pick a fave!

naz said...

Love the first one..interesting rendition of a blow job.. :p

Ri said...

didn't see what was so shocking about the mickey mouse club..

..until i realized- those are REAL! haha!

naz said...

Ri, can I put like to your comment. Very observant. hahahahaha

Queen of hearts said...

Fyi, I'm having my sahur while reading this...I hope my fast for tomorrow is still valid. LMAO!

Looking at those pics it suddenly reminds me of what my 5yr old son and I saw by the street. It was 2 dogs stuck butt to butt. He pointed and said "mommy look, it's Siamese twins". Unfortunately were in the car, stuck in a traffic jam, if not I would have sped off. LOL!

P/S: My 'word verification' for this comment is baliker...(ball licker) How ironic! LOL! Okay off to bed!

Freddie Kevin said...


3 NSFW posts in a row! Hmmm.

Glad to see you back.

All the best

rad za said...

I feel so guilty that I find these pics hilarious during ramadhan

Snuze said...

Gosh! Sorry for the late response, guys.

Zu: Glad you like. *grin*

Naz: People's creativity never fail to amaze me.

Ri: You innocent, you. *snerk*

Sophie: You should know by now that I post tak senonoh stuff. *LOL* Buyer (or clicker) beware! And yeah, all the best explaining the birds and the bees to your precocious boys. Hee!

Freddie: Thanks, darling!

Rad: Humour is humour. The dirtier it is, the better to enjoy during Ramadhan. *poke horns down again*