Thursday, June 16, 2011

A lolcat life

I love animal macros (I think you can tell by now). Let me use some of them illustrate what I think other people see when they look at me.

This is the reason why I make a lousy photographer (and investigator too).

This happens a lot to me too.

I do this a lot to my niece (and vice versa)

This could substitute as one my school photos.


zlkmhd said...

awwww so schweeeet!
and you are a compiler of seriously funny photos. that's a gift :)

naz said...

Love the pictures of the kittens. And love your macros, keep them coming. :)

Snuze said...

Zu: It's all about what clicks with me. *grin* Pseudo-creativity FTW!

Naz: I trawl for macros daily like an addict searching for the next high. Nasib baik I tak bubuh Inception punya macros; totally not safe for work!

naz said...

Please do. :)