Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So pretty ... *swoons*

What you would love to say about douchebag colleagues.

There are some things that even Freddy Krueger wouldn't touch.
Be afraid, Fido. Be very afraid.

Arachnophobia. It gets to us all.

When you are made of awesome.

 Happy belated Father's Day?

Male pregnancy is now more than just fanfiction.

Somehow, I prefer the Sheryl Crow cover version better.

Moar under cut ... (NSFW stuff)

Experimenting with friends.

PETA should take a look into this.

I knew it!

Camouflaging pedobear.

Photoshopped images: not just for female stars.

Blast off!


en_me said...

salam singgah jerr.. ehehe

naz said...

Some did managed to give nightmare before. Do you remember "Pennywise" the dancing clown...

Nice pictures by the way.

Snuze said...

En_Me: Silakan ...kehadiran Tuan sentiasa dialu-alukan.

Naz: I don't quite have full blown caulrophobia (fear of clowns), but Pennywise sure did not help. And no, I didn't watch it till finish. Nor did I read the book.

naz said...

Love neil patrick harris. :)

Freddie Kevin said...

Oi, you pasang gambar I bersama Samwise Gamgee tampa kebenaran saya.

Tapi takpe dan jangan lupa stok Twisties, Nachos, Double Decker dll (bukan Bangsa yah) pada July 9 ;)

Snuze said...

Freddie: Aiseyman! Silap la. Lupa copyrighted material *grin*

I lean more towards popcorn and soda water. Let's watch the water cannon go by ... hehehe.

Have a good weekend!

Freddie Kevin said...

Gua punya post baru ada pic Nightstalker! Wooooo..

zlkmhd said...

timothy olyphant forever, amen. i cant get enuff of that swimmer body of his :P

Snuze said...

Mr Olyphant is totally lick worthy. Seriously.