Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subtlety is not my forte

When I was younger, I loathed British comedies and shows because I didn't understand what was said. The plumy accents, the phraseology, the affectations ... okay, I admit. It was because my English sucked out loud that I watch American shows because they had subtitles, all right? They don't seem to do so for the English ones except for It Ain't Half Hot, Mum (and even those subtitles missed a great deal of the subtle humour) and Sapphire and Steel (which I adored for Joanna Lumley's dresses and shoes. I was six. Shut up).

This video brought to mind the auld whodunnit British series with Basil Rathbones and his ilk stalking across the screen, examining the clues and wraps the show up with some dramatic pronouncement of the real villain. Watch it till the end and tell me what you think.


Queen of hearts said...

LOL! Actually I noticed the clock on the floor next to the body was a different clock when the camera zoomed out. *grin*

I didn't quite like Brtish comedies when I was little too. I was more into Punky Brewster, Full House and Small Wonder. :D

Snuze said...

I am one of the oblivious ones who did not notice anything was amiss. Oh oh. Other drivers, cyclist etc BEWARE!

I think American comedies are much easier to digest when you are young. They are generally straightforward and those in the 80's are a pretty wholesome lot. When I re-watch Brit com I noticed that a lot of the humour is risque and has double meaning; which would have flown right over our innocent heads.

*was angelic*