Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going kaboom and kablooey!

I had an awesome time with my cousin last night watching GI Joe. Movie preview, whoo! And the movie was everything a summer popcorn flick should be.

1. Violence? Check.
2. Buff, good looking characters? Check.
3. Lots of things being blown up? Check.
4. Insane storyline about world domination? Check.
5. Villain with evil, raspy voices? Check.
6. Side plot of love interest? Check.
7. Awesome special EFX that make you go, "Oooh!" Check.
8. Explosive climax with sequel potential? Check.

Just disengage the logical part of your brain while you watch.

ETA: Thank you, Sophie!


Ri said...

hey! i did exactly the same thing! caught the 8.30pm show at GSC 1 utama!

u're right, it was waaaaay fun!!!

Snuze said...

Totally had to put away the part of my brain that snarked on how the Hollywood engine pumps out propaganda of their military prowess. But it was fun! fun! fun!

Queen of hearts said...

Awesome! I'm not a GI Joe fan. Can't remember watching the cartoon when I was little. But my hubby kept pestering me to watch GI Joe. So maybe, we'll watch it next week. I don't think it's for kids. ;P

Ri said...

uhuh, spot on, dear queenie!

this GI Joe ain't for the kids no more :P

Snuze said...

Sophie: You never saw GI Joe?! Man, you were deprived *grin*. Do you at least remember Voltron? Jem? My Little Pony? Care Bears?

Hi, my name is Sue and as a child, I was a TV/cartoon addict.

Ri: You are right this one ain't for kids. The Baroness never liplocked anyone in the cartoon, not even her husband. And while there were skin, there was no icky sexy stuff. It's all blow 'em sky high and roll off.

Queen of hearts said...

LOL! No I haven't. Actually I'm looking forward to watch Up. Hehehe! Yeah I remembered those cartoons. I like Jem (not her band but the Misfits)
Anyway, how violent is GI Joe? My boys are ok with Transformers kinda violent. I know some of my 'mommy' friends are againts this. Pffft!