Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's it take to be a man?

Apparently it's harder than it looks.

Forget landscaping. It's time to manscape!

However, gentlemen, before you start being depressed about having to look like a Jersey Shore reject, take heart.

Word, sistah.


I don't understand that reference said...

The mansome youtube vid.. ada org sebut Aqua Velva! heeee... I trus teringatkan this!

Sheppard: How come it smells like I'm on vacation?

McKay: (putting on sunscreen lotion) Mmm, could it be the simulated tropical aroma of cocoa butter?

Sheppard: Strong enough for anyone within five miles to smell you.

McKay: Like they haven't been tipped off by the Aqua Velva.

From SGA eps - Runner (2x03)
LOL! Are they like smelling each other.. Mckay smells like cocoa butter and Shep wear Aqua Velva.. so married :P

Snuze said...

Sheppard/McKay forever!