Monday, September 5, 2011


Hahahahah ... now that it is no longer Ramadhan, I can post this picture.

So ... which number are you? Either one.



Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

How was the hols?

My number is not there. You can say it's odd.


Queen of hearts said...

Ahem! as for sex chart I'm number 8. LOL! I didn't feel the earthquake because I thought I was causing the shake. Kah kah kah! Kiddin' :D

How was your raya? I've to update my blog soon. Now that I'm back on FB I'm trying not to spend too much time there so that I've time to blog. hahaha!

Snuze said...

Freddie: Oh my. You must be off the charts, then. *is impressed* The holidays were lovely, if only it were longer.

Sophie: You kinkster, you! XD Yes, do update your blog regularly; I do apply some of the stuff you use with your boys to my niece. Hee!

zlkmhd said...

kah kah...aku malu nak mengaku!

Snuze said...

Zu: Kita sumer kawan kat sini, jangan risau. *sengih*

Seorang Blogger said...

ha ha ha ha ha sapa yg rajin sgt wat chart tu??