Monday, July 4, 2011

Teen idol ... dream idol ...

If anyone ask me how long I've been a (semi/kinda/sorta)hipster about music, I'll have to say: a long time.

It really started in high school when I turned up my nose at New Kids on the Block and many other teen pop idols of the day. Yes, I am old enough to know NKOTB and listen to the band as they shoot to stardom. Shut up.

I once sneered to a classmate (who is a diehard NKOTB fan with school file featuring said band, natch), that Donnie Wahlberg looked like a convict and Danny Wood looked like he's the missing link. She, who is one of the most on-the-narrow sort (and became a respectable prefect the year after, mind you), actually lunged at me and almost throttled yours truly except for the grace of God and the excellent reflexes of fellow classmates.

Hence, I learned that you mock the teen idol of the day to a hardcore fan at your peril.

I had something to say about all the members of the band, but the one that got me kicked the hardest was when I said that Jon Knight looked like he's gay. Which of course was met with strenuous protestation that he's so cute (what does that have to do with which way he swings?) and that he's straight 'cause he's dating girls like Tiffany (whose eyes they want to gouge out).

And guess what? Thirteen year old me was right.

Do I have great, precociously developed gaydar or what?


naz said...

I did engulf myself in boy band once upon a time, not because of the handsome cannot sing much boys, nor the choreograph dance movement, I just find some of the songs as catchy. That I can sing along and not sounding bad at the same time. NKOTB, not that much, but BSB and N'sync were more down my lane. But my fav. one would be All 4 one, I loathed westlife and 98 degrees. Hehehe.
I do sing in the shower.

Snuze said...

Singing in the shower is perfectly okay. I can handle 5ive's "Get on Up" and Ronan Keating and co's song on the Mr Bean movie, but that's where my tolerance for boybands end.

Angela Gripesalot said...

Jon was my favorite!!! But I agree with you about Donnie and Danny.

You know what's strange though? My favorites tend to be the gay ones, for some reason, re: him from Westlife. That means Howie D from BSB will soon reveal to the world that his marriage is/was a sham.

Also, JC Chasez? Definitely bi.

I guess some gaydars just work differently T_T

Snuze said...

Oh yeah. Mos def.

You know, I know that Robert Carlisle is one hot man, but this?