Sunday, June 5, 2011

All it takes to survive bad fortune is decent manners ...

... but good fortune, that takes character.

I have never done a movie reaction before (did quite a few of episode reactions on my livejournal) but I'm moved to do it for this movie. It is a reaction, not a review because at 4 o'clock in the morning, the little grey cells are sluggish. Not to mention that I have zero clue about writing reviews.

Don't we all aspire to be functioning adults?

It is an interesting movie; but not one you should watch with children in the vicinity. Basically, it is about an adult movie actress making a transition to life after pornography.

The movie starts out from the perspective of Burt Rodriguez, a sex blogger for the Latin America, who feels strongly about how the post-modern aesthetics of  pornography, with particular focus on the work by Elektr Luxx, are cheapened and unappreciated. He strived with his website for the work of Elektra to be appreciated as an art form and was unhappy by the skanky guys who left crude comments on his blog.

You could say that Burt was just another guy living with his Mum who blogs pseudo-intellectually about his obsession with a porn star. Well, I suppose he went a little farther; most guys would just fap. Just ask a normal heterosexual guy what he thinks of Sasha Grey and watch their eyes glaze over.

Anyway, I love the juxtaposition of humour with deeper thinky stuff and I didn't just watch it for the delicious Mr. Olyphant ...

So pretty ... *dreamy*

... or the ever so adorable Mr Gordon-Levitt.

*licks screen discreetly*

Trixie, a girl desperate for Burt's attention, made test shots of herself in order to get his attention. It is kind of sweet and sad at the same time that she felt the need to put herself up like an internet pinup in order for him to really see her. How many times have we heard of women who complain that their significant other kept comparing them to unattainable supermodels and actresses? How many times have we complained that people have unrealistic expectations of how we should look, thanks to the media?

My favourite line: "I want to swallow you whole and spit out bones," which Trixie gently whispered to Burt, stroking his hair lovingly as he slept on her lap.

Oh, and the thing between Holly and Bambi? Sweet and hilarious and just ... I think I get why guys are big on the girl-on-girl thing. *grin*

Oh hai, Traci Dinwiddie. Always nice to see Supernatural guest stars in other stuff. And oh hai, Adrianne Palicki, Sam's roasted girlfriend.


I think the central issue the movie dealt with is about how women are perceived by the society, thanks to the media. The objectification of women is not just the fault of women who choose to trade on their looks to build their assets (no matter what industry), but also we as a society for expecting it, enjoying its titillation and yet turning our noses up at it.

I don't know where it came from that a woman can only be either a Madonna (not the music icon) or a whore; but I think it is time that we accept women are PEOPLE who make mistakes and are multi-dimensional and that WE MUST NOT JUDGE, lest we be judged.

After all, we all live in glass houses; who can afford to throw the first stone?

(post title is from a line in the movie)


naz said...

Lets go out for movie sometimes. :P

Snuze said...

Absolutely, bb! Where are you located? I'm in Kota Damansara.

naz said...

I am in nilai N9. Can hook up anywhere in KL or putrajaya, which is owkey with u.. (",)

Snuze said...

One fine weekend, m'dear. We will drag Mlle. Martian as well, shall we?


naz said...

sure, would love that!

me the martian said...

ape la ko snuze, gile dekat ngan rumah aku. pirahhh. haha. anyway i think olyphant is divine. amen for all hot men out there :P

aku tak layan chick flicks, tak suka letop2, senang cakap movie yg aku suka tak main kat wayang lah. tapi kalau korang tgk aku tgk je. no hal. name your date and place. that's a challenge muhahahaha.

naz said...

That I really want to see!! Hahaha

Snuze said...

2nd or 3rd week of July, amacam?

Naz: Naik KL jap, buleh? Rasanya Nilai cam takde Cineplex. XD Lepas tu, boleh lepak, minum, cuci mata, shopping, hehehe.

MEMartian: You choose the movie. Psl yg bercitarasa tinggi dalam perihal woyang (as my niece pronounce it) is you. *grin*

naz said...

Sure, I can just naik kl to hang out! Keep me posted and updated then. :p

me the martian said...

alamak aku pulak kena pilih. well there's not many to begin with. mana2 pun, korang jgn bomb aku. will keep you guys updated abt it :P

Snuze said...

Itu la, muahahahah kat kitorang lagi. Padan muka, hehehe.

BTW, am planning a weekend makan sometime this month or next. Will keep you guys posted and hope you can come along and we can chillax and stuff face together2.

naz said...

Food!! cool..hehehe Food + friend = fun!