Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creative, but ...

... decapitating yourself using the tractor loader possibly isn't how Caterpillar envisioned the use of their machinery.

Oh boy.


naz said...

R u owkey beb?

Snuze said...

I'm good, bb. Why do you ask?

Is it the insanity picture? It's got a quote from this book series I love like whoa ... Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Read and fall in love. Especially Zarek. *swoon*

The decap bit was something I came across. It marvels me how far people would go to get out of this mortal coil.

And then discover a horrible surprise on the other side.


me the martian said...

snuze sudah tukar template, kewl :P

naz said...

Welcome to the white club. :p.
No, not because of the picture, just wondering that u r your insane self. *Muah*