Thursday, April 18, 2013

Magic in the air ...

Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor, #4)Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the latest (final?) installment of the series that started with Christmas in Friday Harbour. Lisa Kleypas has always been my go-to author for stories with epic emotions and larger than life characters.

(the rest is under cut for spoilers)

I find that her contemporary novels do not hit quite the same high notes as her historicals, but I suppose the shift in writing focus with different characterisation and plot development may affect it. I can't quite pinpoint what it is; but I devour her books anyway. Even with this minor complain, I would still take her novels over other contemporary authors that don't quite crank my engine.

One of the running theme for this series is the presence of magic in the life of the characters. Magic in Christmas in Friday Harbour was not quite realised but was given a stronger presence in Rainshadow Road and Dream Lake.

Here we have Justine who is a hereditary witch paired with Jason who has no soul. Jason's plan to gain himself a soul through Justine's spell book was derailed when he was hit by the freight train of love. How two diametrically characters find their way towards happily ever after is the goal of every romance, and Ms Kleypas did not disappoint here with the plot and banter.

For all that I am keen on urban fantasy, I do not quite like stories that feature witches. They oftentimes reek of ghost in the machine with every problem magically solved, pun intended. Most authors seem stuck on Charmed-like story telling, with Christine Feehan the worst offender in this. Hence, I prefer Kim Harrison with the fumbling though powerful witch Rachel Mariana Morgan. At least Rachel grew in her powers and evolved as a character as books go by.


Back to Crystal Cove. Ms. Kleypas has always written fabulous sex scenes that are raw and rich with emotional intensity. Here she explored the kinkier side, utilising Jason's heritage to bring in Japanese bondage as an extended form of foreplay. Suffice to say it was awesomely done.

Go read and enjoy.

Male protagonist(s): 5/5 stars
Female protagonist: 5/5 stars
Storyline: 4/5 stars
Pacing: 3/5 stars
Fun Factor: 4/5 stars
Repeat Reading Factor: 4/5 stars

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Maryam Khairudin said...

Hehe here goes my thoughts:

I have always love Mrs Kleypas. Intense romance, wacky heroin, pompous but sweet to the max hero, flipable pages to reach ending etc etc, yes I do agree with your commendable review on her books and I share your view on her contemporary books, yes it does not errr reach the errr emotional note that I always crave of when reading a romance novel. Thus all her 3 magic series failed me. Utterly.

But don't go on nasty on Ms Feehan. I like most of her books. The sex is awesome & intense, sorta climb into your soul kind of passion. Hehe.

On Crystal Cove bondage sex scene, well each to each own, altho it's kinda hot but I just couldn't help passing a snide remarks when I'm reading it i.e. "ni tiru Mr Grey la ni"! Tiongtiongtiong.

All in all your review is fabulous & I love it & I expect more to come! **flip hair & beaming brightly**

Snuze said...

Eeee!!! Gumbiranya rasa di hati!!!

Nanti I bubuh lagi ... hehehe ...