Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweep hey derry!

I have unhinged love for everything Ilona Andrews. It all started with a novella featuring a shapeshifter in denial. I fell in love with Andrea and Raphael and wondered about the friend who cooks Hesperides apples for her boyfriend.

Then I came across Bayou Moon and fell in love all over again with a changeling warrior and his violent conman girlfriend. I have no words to describe my utter joy with the book; it hit all the sweet spots perfectly. Crazy characters who grew and evolve? Check. A roller coaster ride of a plot and twistier than Twister on steroids? Check. A horrible antagonist who may make a reappearance? Check. Just to name a few.

And now they give away free serial reads?

How fantabulous is that? Go there and find out how an innocuous innkeeper kicks the ass of a werewolf and lived to talk about it. And there're scary old ladies who could eat you up; literally. This urban fantasy sci fi is a super fun read.

Go on. Click on the link and enjoy the clever wordsmiths at work.

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