Thursday, September 20, 2012

Assisted enjoyment

Ever wondered why we let our genitals make so much of our decisions for us? Let science show you why.

Men and women don't enjoy themselves the same way sexually. It's basic anatomy and physiology, dummy. As you can see from the scan pictures, touch women in different areas to make her happy, different parts of their brain light up. But men? It's only 1 spot that lights up; not complicated at all.

The brain scan doesn't lie.

For men who are not very perceptive, maybe they need a CT scanner in the bedroom

Stolen from here.

Ladies, show your gentlemen this paper that if they want to keep both of you really healthy, they MUST PAY ATTENTION TO GETTING YOU OFF.

And gentlemen if you want to persuade your significant other for more nookies on a regular basis, show them this paper. Better living through sexual chemistry, it seems.

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