Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eternal light?

I watched Majalah3 on Saturday about people who donated their bodies to a Buddhist medical university in Taiwan for the students to practice surgery and to learn about the physiological manifestation of the disease from which they died. There were men and women, the youngest was 33 and the oldest was a man in his 60's. The medical students honoured the deceased as well as their family according to Buddhist rituals. After the surgical practice training was over, the medical students helped in preparing the bodies for their final rest.

It was one of the most moving episodes I have ever seen. I admired the generosity of spirit demonstrated by the "Silent Mentors" in donating their body to advance medicine and medical training. I empathised with the family members who probably felt like they were losing their loved one all over again.

But this?

I ... have no words.

I suppose Hilary Clinton's expression says it all.


Seorang Blogger said...


i dun know to laugh or to cry

Snuze said...

I kept wiping my tears while I was watching Majalah 3, my Mom was like, "Eh? Sedih ke?"


But if I saw the pictures, I prolly woulda chortled.

So ... both!