Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am alarmed, all right

And I'm not even a parent.

Please, if you have boys, be alarmed too. And don't think that your son is safe just because you don't live in the decadent West.


I don't understand that reference said...

Wow dropouts by gender is happening globally. Are we worried? Are worried.. Bravo to the presenter, thanks for sharing snuz :D

Snuze said...


This is the reason I reminded my great nephew that his academic competitors aren't the other boys, but the girls in his class. He was puzzled until I tell him that girls work harder and appear smarter.


Freddie Kevin said...


Dunno whether it's my PC but your post shows a blank :p


Snuze said...

Hiya, Freddie!

Go here for the video:

And be prepared to be disturbed.

Seorang Blogger said...

errrrmmm mcm nk komen tp mcm biasa aku selalu mengalami kecelaruan dlm penulisan heeee..

yg persoalan dropout itu, rasenya tidaklah begitu baru krn tlh lama statistik menunjukkan lebih ramai pelajar wanita pada hari konvokesyen, tp itu bknlah masalah juga kerana ramai dropout yg berjaya kaya raya heeee

yg mengkejutkan adlh kaedah bersosial dan kemahuan bdk2 lelaki itu seperti yg diceritakan oleh ted, sungguhh oooooooohhh

dan yg plg aku tak faham adalah, encik ted kelhatan sgt nerd, tp lhatlah penontonnya woowww

sekian komen pd hari kepalaku sgt pening


Queen of hearts said...

Good info! As it is, school children both boys and girls are competing with each other. It's very challenging out there. I want my boys to succeed in life. I'm teaching them to be more of a 'street wise' than just being book smart. Not expecting them to do super well but good is enough. It's not about scoring all straight A's anymore. I don't want to stress them out. But Alhamdulillah with all the video games that they have (ps3,psp and wii) they still score A's in major subjects. *syukur+tadah tanggan* Hahaha! But again it's all about balance. Play+study :)

I've cousins who did extremely well in school but living a mediocre life now. Another cousin (through marriage) did really well from young, went to UK, studied Meds but had a nervous breakdown there. He couldn't complete. He's now back in Malaysia for recovery. So sad. I hope all is well for him.
I've another cousin who was a school dropout, went to college but is doing really well now. Really well $)

I'm more worried about my boys doing drugs, smoking, drinking and socialising with bad companies..Nauzubillah. I've talked to them about these things.
As for porn. Hahaha! I'll let their daddy do the talking. Based on the book I'm reading (Raising Boys) it says, provide them with soft porn. So that they'll see love, in "making love" instead or hardcore sex. If they're exposed to hardcore porn or just any porn, they'll end up looking at girls/women as sex object.
*hands on face*
This part, kena kuatkan didikan agama.

I think girls are more focused. LOL! Boys are easily distracted by other things.

naz said...

I love your statement. Girls have the focus to use their brain more, boys prefer things that are more to skills, they work better using their hands.

Freddie Kevin said...

Hey Snuze the link is :(


aisyah said...

twit, queen of hearts! i love your comment!
altho my boy is only 3 months old.. but i worry about what u just said.. and even on the porn subject. thanks for sharing your foundings here. :)

snuze, as usual, ur post has always leaves an impact on me! :)

Snuze said...

Pidah: Kita tak mendidik anak lelaki kita cara berinteraksi dgn perempuan. Sering dimomok2kan dgn perempuan ini adalah penggoda, nanti naik nafsu dsbgnya. Kita kena ajar anak lelaki kita yg perempuan boleh dijadikan kawan yang baik. Suatu hari nanti, mungkin boleh lebih dari kawan.

Jadi takla dia mencari keintiman dengan pornografi. Kerana dia tau berkawan dengan perempuan dan boleh cari teman untuk keintiman IRL dan bukan virtual.

Sophie:Book learning can only open doors, but street smarts move them through and up the ladder. Give them the skills to do things; they can even be entrepreneurial.

Didikan agama tu satu benda, but we need to teach sex, sexuality and intimacy to our children too. If we can't even talk about it frankly and sensibly, they will teach themselves using porn.


Freddie: Just google "TED + Philip Zimbardo + boys" and you'll get the video.

Naz: Boys are disadvantaged in the current education system, all right.

May be we should go back to girls/boys only schools. Hahaha!

Aisyah: Thanks for your kind words! InsyaAllah your son will be the child to make you happy in this world and the next.