Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you appreciate your senses?

As a music aficionado, I love the luxury of listening to aurgasms (the first 2 definitions, please). I try to be cautious with my headphones and earbuds, not to listen at too high a volume which could damage my hearing in the long run. But as I mentioned before, many people are not as careful. Are you one of them?

Like many of our senses (sight, taste, feel) we take our hearing for granted. I only appreciate my voice (although I am a mediocre singer) when I had a horrid throat infection to the point that I completely lost my voice. And yes, my youngest uncle was right. Once you stopped talking, it is very hard to start again, even if you are a chatterbox.

Do we think about other people who are deprived of their senses, either from birth or due to disease or accidents? Have you ever thought how it would be like if one day you can no longer hear the voice of your loved ones, no longer see the beauty of this world, no longer taste chocolate, no longer feel the silk against your skin? If your answer is yes or no, pray to God that you will never experience it.

It is easy to feel sorry for people who are unable to enjoy one or more of their senses due to a disability. However, many of them refuses to be the object of pity and made a life for themselves that is fulfilling and rewarding. And yes, even deaf people can enjoy music. Evidence are below.

Grenade by Bruno Mars

The New Sh*it by Marilyn Manson

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,
No, never take these senses for granted. If I may add; smell, taste and touch. My late mother was blind only on one eye and I always wondered how it was looking at the world from onlly one eye. Yeah, used to close an eye with my hand..but I guess it did not answer the question suitably.

Once read that Stevie Wonder was going thru an op to enable him to see. Do not know what became of that op or report. But what was interesting was a question whether he would retain his musical talent if he could see. Would it be for better or worse.

My answer would be - he would gladly exchange his music for that sense of sight. I think anyone blind would do anything for a chance to see the world.


rad za said...

I've did a presentation on Hellen Keller once... but I don't think I ever could imagine what it would like without sights and sounds around me..

Snuze said...

Freddie, I'll bet your mother didn't let a little matter of being blind in one eye stop her from raising marvellously articulate children, yes? Kudos to your late Mum!

Rad_Za: When I first read about Helen Keller, I was like, is she for realz? Wow!

We should support the efforts of the differently abled to integrate and become one with the community!