Thursday, December 1, 2011

At least Ally McBeal was mildly entertaining...

In the Barrister’s Chambers (Regency Barrister, #1)In the Barrister’s Chambers by Tina Gabrielle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The premise was intriguing; a historical romance novel about lawyers written by a lawyer? Sounds awesome, right?

Don't judge a book by its blurb.
Sadly, the follow through was kind of a let-down. The female protagonist came across a little too die-away for my taste even though attempts were made to make her feisty. The hero was bland and the storyline a little too pat (c'mon, the brain tumour trope to explain away villainy? puhleese) for my taste.

Another hope to find a fun new author to read dashed on the rocks.


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aisyah said...

have you read Breathless yet from Ms Guhrke? the hero is a lawyer but the settings are not like Ally McBeal.
it was my first lawyer historical romance and i loved it. hope you like it too.

Snuze said...

No, I have not, Ms Aisyah. Thank you for the rec! :D

zhu m said...

im still stuck on weathering heights. and i only have images of tom hardy to go forth :P