Saturday, August 6, 2011

Indispensible ...

... is this diagnostic tool to most modern doctors. The CT scan (X-ray computed tomography), or more affectionately referred to as the Cat Scan, became more widely known to the general television watching population, thanks to drama series such as ER, General Hospital and most popularly, House.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear if there are people (hypochondriacs, most likely) who insist on having their aches and pains examined using the Cat Scan in order to rule out major problems. Of course if they know how much it really costs (ask your local friendly hospital services marketing personnel!), they may swallow their indignance and ask if blood tests (some of which may cost nearly as much) are sufficient.

However, in the interest of levity and fun, I invite you to visit the Cat Scan site  for more of gems like the following:

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