Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brains and beauty

What do Hedy Lamarr and Werner von Braun


have in common apart from near-Alpian ancestry?

They were both rocket scientists.

Did you know that Natalie Portman, winner of this year's Oscars for Best Actress, was a straight A student who competed in the Intel Science Talent Search and has a degree in neuroscience? There is a long history of women who made it big (or even modestly impressive) in Hollywood who are also brainy thinkers and does work in the fields of mathematics, engineering and science.

Here's to beautiful and intelligent women the world over!


Anonymous said...

rocket scientist!!

u remember beb, masa asasi dulu aku selalu cakap kat mu, org bijak patut jadi rocket scientist and mu kate org bijak patut jadi general perang ;-)

wow, jeles juga dengan natalie portman itu

Snuze said...

Wah! Mung ingat mutiara hikmah ku? (Ewah!) XD

Klu org cerdik yg jadi general, mungkin takyah perang atau perang kejap jer.

Memang hebat itu Ms Portman.