Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life is unfair ...

... kill yourself or get over it.

Oh dear ...

Sadly, the truth hurts.

Priorities ... I has 'em.


me the martian said...

i like the internet porn. yeah man!

Snuze said...

I'll bet even in conservative Sudan, internet porn is a very important aspect of the interweb, y/n? *grin*

I know that the last time they announced the biggest Internet searches in Malaysia, porn was the top 2.

me the martian said...

they blocked any websites relating to..err..sexuality. i kid u not. so i am really rejoicing your post, haha!

Snuze said...

HOMG, really?? They block ALL porn and even educational websites relating to sexuality?


Oh well, if the kids don't know about sex, they won't be doing it yeah? Not.


Way to be burying one's head in the sand.