Sunday, November 22, 2009

Salting the wound

It is quite common to hear stories about men, who, after divorcing their wives (and marrying another), skedaddles without paying the ex-wife child support. This is worse if the ex-wife hasn't got the means to support the family; either through lack of education or disability. These men are scums of the earth what ought to have their names printed in the newspapers in font 100 (at least) declaring their irresponsibility (apart from the tarring and feathering and proper enforcement of court-ordered paycheque deduction).

But what about men who have been faithfully supporting the wife and child and then discovering said child is not his? What if after the divorce, the ex-wife marries the man who is the biological father of the child and still HE has to pay for child support of a child who carries none of his DNA strands?

Would love trumps the biological imperative for continuing one's genetic inheritance? In the case of Mike L., this appears to be so; proving that not all men who left their wives are scums and that women's cheating have a long and just as terrible a consequence as when a man cheats.

DNA testing: opening Pandora's box in more ways than one.



Anonymous said...

Read it. Had a goose bump. Life is full of surprises isn't it.

Snuze said...

Yeah. There is a victim born every minute. :p

Too busy to photoblog, sugar? Lama tak nampak perspektif mu yang unik itu. BTW, my cousin posting kat KB 6 bulan. Mak dia kata payah gak nak carik rumah sewa sana for short term.

Adakah tempat mu dilanda banjir, Cik Pidah sayang?