Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tears in my eyes

I like onions. I love 'em raw with my satay. I love 'em chopped in my pasta sauce. I love 'em caramellised on my burgers.

I just hate peeling and/or chopping and/or slicing them. For obvious reasons, no?

It is good to know that scientists have discovered what is it about them that made me (and loads of other people) cry. However, until they come up with an eye wash or eye drop that contains a powerful inhibitor to that pesky enzyme, I guess we onion peelers/slicers/dicers will have to continue to cry us a river.


Seorang Blogger said...

aku baru tertengok kat rancangan masak2 masa ko kol aku semalam, katanya rendam air sampai tenggelam bawang2 tu beberapa mnit, pastu potong konpem x nangis lagi. cer try

Snuze said...

Hmm ... aku akan mencuba petuamu itu! Terima kasih kerana berkongsi!