Monday, September 3, 2012

Honey coated poison

I have not read either authors. What can I say; I am shallow and only like to read happy stuff. But their philosophy (as described here) does gave me pause.

Well, I will have to go with Aldous Huxley on this one. The hedonist in me quivers in fear.


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Call me a conspiracy nut but I feel the Huxley doctrine applies to Jewish domination via the arts, entertainment and media control.

Still waiting for a lemang/ketupat invite :)

Best wishes

Snuze said...

Hi Freddie!

I think Huxley's observation stems from the fact that humans (and all animals) are programmed to be pleasure-seeking creatures. That's why overcoming your base instincts to become a better person is the best and most important jihad in our life.

Unfortunately, our lemang and ketupat this year did not come up to par to be inviting ppl over.


Frizkybrat said...

this post made me google him, got his ebook and imma soo reading it before hexed. thank you! (i think)

I don't understand that reference said...

I'm gonna go with Huxley too but part of Orwell too.. there is no 'like' button in your blog hehe.