Monday, June 18, 2012


This is not me.

Spoilery reviews under cut.

This book is a gorgeous nod to screwball comedies of the yesteryears. You have a feisty female protagonist who hides her vulnerability well under her immense competence and a male protagonist who gave as good as he got in humourous banter, the perfect combination for a wonderful book.

I love that although they shared a past that didn't end well, the pair never denigrated to juvenile tantrums and name-calling that is quite common in the genre. The dance of their relationship is like a waltz that is fraught with potential collision with other dancers and missteps, but they executed it beautifully and with grace.

A tad spoilery, but I love the fact that Axel had diabetes! Hurrah for an imperfect hero! You always hear of heroes who doesn't even get the sniffles and are preternaturally immune to pain and other physical frailties. Here you have one who is dealing with his condition and the kind of tender under belly that it exploits. Superbly done.

Ellery's determination to do right by her sister, her job and finally Axel makes her immensely likeable. She tries, fails, tries again, but with a sincerity of love that is just wonderful. 

No Mary Sue, no Gary Sue. Just great contemporary romance peopled with characters you can love and a story that you will enjoy.

Go ahead and have a read.


aisyah said...

i'm on it!
its in kino?

Snuze said...

Quite likely. But I rented it, hehehe. Will be returning it today in exchange for Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.