Monday, April 16, 2012

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need

Sometimes, this is my theme song.

It is the perfect soundtrack to your monster truck - firebomb daydream while you are crawling along to your destination, fantasising about firebombing everyone in front of you and driving your super duper heavy duty monster truck over the smoking wreckage of the other vehicles.

*attempts to zen while stuck in the morning/evening jam*


Seorang Blogger said...

td tu aku ke kelas dan br pulang, jd x smpt membalas di sana..

aku x pnah dgr lagu itu and thanks to u, m loving it..

rase sgt memahami perasaan setan yg jahat tp lonely itu huhu

Snuze said...

Setelah mendengar tangisan mangsanya, setan jahat itu tidak lonely lagi ...

Aku gembira kau menyukainya!