Friday, April 20, 2012

You don't have to keep your hands to yourself

This song always makes me smile with its easy honky tonk rhythm, bringing to mind a smoky Western bar with ladies in painted on jeans and big hair and wild make up line dancing to it with men in ten gallon hats. But the deeper message of the song is not that light hearted. Basically it was about a guy who wants a little lovin' without payin', if you catch my drift.

Now, the gents may think that the lady was being a little hard on him, insisting on a wedding ring before engaging in intimacies. But many men don't appreciate that it is always the woman who is left holding the bag, or more likely, the baby. Many denigrate the pro choice team for being "baby killers" but how do you resolve the problem of unwanted pregnancies (whether within a marriage or without)? Women can lose their jobs for getting pregnant. Often they have little to no support to help them either financially, materially or emotionally to have children, even worse for those who have no partner to help shoulder the burden.

I love how this song speaks about the hard choices a woman have to make, often without support because of a mistake or even rape.

For so long the discussion about unwanted pregnancy focuses on women; how they should be more modest, don't tempt men, keep their knees together, and not have sex with men who are not their husbands (like men only have sex with their wives, hah!) and so on and so forth. Because women are the one who will get pregnant, it seems like the onus is only on them to make sure it doesn't happen.

But may I point out, gentlemen, that it takes two to tango?

Why not make it easy on the lady (or ladies, if you fancy yourself a player) in your life and partake on the amazing discovery by Prof. Sujoy K Guha and get yourself RISUG? The procedure doesn't take any longer than your visit to the dentist and you only have to get it once every ten years. Think of how much you can save on condoms! Besides which, condoms do have a failure rate of up to fifteen percent and some men are allergic to latex (you DO NOT WANT rashes on your precious dangly bits or the need to carry EpiPen to ensure the post-coital panting isn't anaphylactic reaction).

So take responsibility for your sexuality, gentlemen and do the right thing! Do it even if your DNA is super amazing and demands propagation! Unless, of course, you wanna be pickin' up the child support cheque. In which case, by all means go forth and multiply.

Note: If you are in the habit of bed hopping, then you need to use condoms (latex or polyurethane) to ensure that the bodily fluids you share ain't gonna carry nasty critters to your partners (or you acquiring said nasty critters). It's kinda awkward having to ring up a bed partner three weeks later to inform her that she may need to pay a visit to the friendly neighbourhood STD physician, you know?


zlkmhd said...

i dont think its easy for men to digest this, as simple as it sounds. pelik kan?

Seorang Blogger said...

adik lelaki aku kate dlm dunia ini lelaki adalah jahat dan perempuan adalah bodoh

Snuze said...

Hehehe. Zue, let's watch out for a man who's willing to have the procedure (did you see the video?).

Pidah: Adikmu itu sgt sinikal! Adakah engkau juga begitu?

I don't understand that reference said...

Yes agree to everyone comment and to this blog entry as well. Sebenarnye kita disarankan menutup aurat DAN lelaki merendahkan pandangan dan memelihara penis mereka. But the rendah pandangan n memelihara... somehow scr tetiba hilang di angin lalu.. Tinggal MESTI MENUTUP AURAT sahaja. So kalau ada pompuan tu sexy its her fault (Camne nak paksa dia tutup aurat cos urmm she is not a muslim???). Mcm kucing jumpa lauk la, camne nak tolak (kata sesetengah ulamaks). Well it seem you are downgrading yourself as just A LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR A PENIS not a human being.

Snuze said...

Itula ... men have to take responsibility for their sexuality; not just hoping that the other party protects themselves. Why don't they do the protecting also? Aren't they supposedly bigger / stronger / cleverer / whatever?

Bila tang nafsu, senang sgt nak tuding jari. Piiiira!