Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet addiction

If you have high speed internet connection, a personal space and a computing device, I will bet that you have used all three to search for some sexually titillating media for your personal enjoyment.

But I ain't judging you. Each to their own. It's a billion dollar industry in the US of A and makes gobs of money world wide. Which ever taste you swing towards, there will be a porn of it somewhere.

Some would say it is better to indulge in some porn-driven personal time than to be unfaithful to one's partner or indulge in illicit sexual activity. Again, each to their own. However, there is a major downside to porn that is rarely discussed: inability to hook up with a REAL PERSON.

Porn is like McDonalds: cheap, easy and satisfying. But unless you want to be afflicted with poor blood chemistry profile and a waistline that rivals the circumference of the equator, you may want to indulge only on occasion to just take the edge off your appetite. If you have a gourmet kitchen and available material, why not take the time to prepare something that is much more satisfying and healthy than to consume processed product that no longer look like food?

Romancing your partner may take some time and effort. But surely a 3D enthusiastic partner is better than a 2D quickie?

But then again, each to their own.

I will let you go back to your previous activity.


Freddie Kevin said...


And why guys and gals indulge http://bit.ly/qBkQvf

Best regards

Snuze said...

OMG, Freddie ... that is pretty risque ... have to access from home, LOL.

Cheers, mate!