Thursday, January 12, 2012

Midweek Sh*ts and Giggles

For the love of pr0n!

This clearly illustrates that bitches don't see themselves as bitches.

Like the Evita song, "You Must Love Me".

Stereotyping is bad!

I snorted my tea listening to this.

(moar under cut for NSFW-ness)

Stereotyping is really bad!

Scientists should look into this.


Not asking for much at all.


*shudders from total revulsion*

Everyone needs love.

Explanation in this video.

Creepy roommates will creep.

So am I! *grin*


naz said...

hahahahahahahaha...thanks for making my day.
Stereotyping is bad!!!!

Snuze said...

We all need a little levity. *grin*