Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Go forth and multiply!

How big is the biggest family you know? 8 children? 12? 29 kids by way of 4 wives?

How about 150 kids?

No, I am not kidding. A sperm donor in North America has fathered 150 offsprings based on the tracking records by this website. That's right. One man. 150 kids. One donor fathered 70 children and had to keep track of them using a spreadsheet. Genetically speaking, this is unhealthy, not to mention increasing the risk of inadvertent incest from siblings who are unaware that they share the same father. Yeah, yeah, the pro-'cest camp will say that the incest taboo is a social construct, but consanguinuous relationships often produce unhealthy offspring who may suffer from physical and/or mental disabilities.

Sperm donation (intentionally or inadvertently due to cheating) has been around since time immemorial to overcome the problem of the male partner shooting blanks (or is just an annoying git whose genes must NOT reproduce). But never has it hit in such a big way as it does today with fertility clinics and sperm agencies flourishing to fulfill baby-making needs world-wide.

I often wonder what drives a man to donate his sperm. Is it out of altruism to help infertile couples? Is it an ego boost thing to be populating the world with his little babies whom he doesn't have to support? Or is it as simple as because the financial transaction for a few fapping sessions is pretty lucrative? (Apparently you get paid more if you are nice looking and have a college degree, but do recipients really know if the donor looks like Brad Pitt or a troll, particularly for anonymous donation?)

The question of sperm donor motivation has been the focus of several studies. A 1994 study in Scandinavia painted that the majority of the donors are driven by monetary gain. I guess a guy gotta finance his grad school education some way; not everyone could be a singing telegram or strip for Chippendale. Or maybe just an ordinary guy wanting to pay his bills.

Paternity is a word that is both frightening and exciting. If it was something sought by a guy, it is probable the happiest news ever. Unless of course, he's left holding the bag for someone else's seed. Or became an inadvertent daddy like the guy in the video below. 

(One of the best romance novels trope, yo.)

Now that we have welcomed the 7th billion person on this planet, should we keep multiplying like bunnies?



Syair Si Pari-pari said...

he must be SO proud to have knocked up so many ladies out there. hope he doesn't end up marrying his own kid....

Snuze said...

Well, since he kept a spreadsheet to keep track of them, I guess that won't be an issue. But still ... so many kids from one man ...

May be he thought he'd the modern day Genghis Khan. They did say the 2/3 of Eastern Europe and Central Asia carries his genes.


zhu m said...

ish sapa tanak di bayar utk jerking off kan :P

Snuze said...

Hehehe ... did you know, Zu, that ova is a lot more pricey? USD 6K upwards per harvest. But of course not many people read the fine print about how dangerous it is.

Unfair world, eh? For what a man would throw away in a tissue, they get paid for it.