Saturday, August 6, 2011

People do the darndest things

Gentlemen, when you visit a lady (or gentleman) of the night, kindly ensure that you have sufficient remuneration to compensate them for their time and enthusiasm; lest you end up like this poor soul who had to visit the surgeon for an embarrassing outcome (see page 2, 2nd column at the top).

Christmas candles should NOT be found in ANY bodily cavity, thank you very much.


rad za said...

Well, you gotta admit he was asking for it. Never would I expect a pdf file like that would be funny (kind of why I never finished reading one)

Snuze said...

Rad: You can find out about the darndest things people do to their own body (not to mention other people) when you read medical journals. Some of them are downright hair raising. *grin*