Friday, March 25, 2011

On the days that you are feeling violent ...

... try counting to ten before setting anyone on fire. Unless you are Red Forman.


me the martian said...

hey ya snuze

what do u think? ah annoyed ye aku!

Snuze said...

I have always thought that the fellas are overrated and thinks too highly of themselves. They had the nerve to say that they invited pro-government people to come and join them to give a balanced view but I think that's bunkum.

Here's my reply to that post:

At the end of the day, hello? Islam is the official religion of the country. You really cannot expect to get equal treatment for non-Islamic faith. As it is, if the land belongs to you, you can build whatever house of worship you choose. However, in the case of the temples that were brought down by the local authorities that is protested by HINDRAF, those temples were on TOL land or even someone else's land. What was not expounded were the suraus that were also demolished for the same reason.

But if people wants to jump and scream unfairness, they can do so. The country is still free. To a certain extent. *grin*

me the martian said...

ya betul!