Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!

Eye candy and an emphatic message for women = FTW!

For those who are wondering, the answer is "Yes. I have a thing for Daniel Craig." Silent or otherwise.


Ri said...

daniel craig dresses up nice.. :P

Snuze said...

There's something about a man who is secure in his masculinity wearing a dress ... so hot! Makes me wanna rip the dress off and have my wicked way with him *grin*

Brad Pitt did a similar shot in Rolling Stones in the late 90s and God was he hot. *wipes drool*

me the martian said...

craig is kinda hot in a pasty way. i think he has more personality than jude law.

Snuze said...

Mos def he is more watchable than Jude Law (who is overrated IMHO). I was watching Mr Craig in Layer Cake (a London gangster movie) and was impressed by how much fury he could transmit just by those laser blue peepers.


me the martian said...

oh layer cake mmg best!