Friday, November 5, 2010

Now *this* is the kind of politician I want ... back when I was an angsty, anarchic teenager.

His manifesto is awesome.

I bet this is his theme song.

Unabashedly stolen from Obefiend here.


CremeBrulee said...

I just have to complain that your "my underskirt is showing" link thing at the side is just the slightest bit misleading. I came here so sure I would find upskirt pics or erotic writing of similar nature.

But yes, I watched that manifesto, and he hypnotically and strangely makes sense. Albeit in a "nobody else makes sense and they're all crazy anyway, so you might as well screw it. Also I don't have nuclear warheads stored in that shed out back. None. At all." kind of way.

Snuze said...

My tags are misleading, huh? *titter* Sorry about that. It's something that my Mama often say when I over share; i.e. telling more about myself than people care to know.

Yeah, them warheads. *nods*

Ganking stuff from Obefiend can be fun; that's where I got the link to your writing as well.