Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What they never tell you ...

I have always been a bit of a science geek. I did well enough in high school that they pushed me to science stream and I entertained delusions of being an otorhinolaryngologist (ear nose and throat specialist).

Needless to say I'll bet many students have ideas of science as illustrated in the top panel. If they are daft enough (like me) and go into post-graduate research, then they'll discover the truth (as seen in bottom panel).


Anonymous said...

i am more than agreed.. haha

aisyah said...

funny cam cibai

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

What's with the cam c*b*i?



Wish you an excellent week, as always.

naz said...

Wow, lucky I am doing is to serabut for me. Hehehehe

aisyah said...

oops, sorry snuze, tervulgar plak in ur post. your post- it was soo deng funny and teh comment was the first thing that came up.
sorry, again.

*honestly, i actually didnt know what that word mean, i thot it was in the line of c3laka or something like that. my bad~

Queen of hearts said...

It ain't as easy as we think. Hahaha! Love the drawing.

Snuze said...

Zack: Are you one of the unfortunates who were also led down the garden path of science? Oh, the ignominy! *grin*

Aisyah: There were times when I wish I could have used the word you employed *grin*, but I tend to swear in English more fluently. If I do it in Malay, I keep expecting my mother to smack the back of my head. :p

Snuze said...

Freddie: Because sometimes swear words fit the situation most perfectly. :D

Naz: Sometimes I think I should have done English too. :p

Sophie: You know I can only draw haunted houses with disgusting elements. Thank God other people are better at arty things. Hee!

Freddie Kevin said...


This is what my late mother actually said, "Wanna learn a language..start with the bad words"

Apart from Malay and English, she spoke fluent Cantonese and Portugese (Cristão)



Nasib baik lo..phew. I nearly leggo some expletives to balas your first comment. Did not do so cos I thought it inappropriate for the host.

Snuze said...

Freddie, your mum = awesome! My sympathies that she is no longer around.

Happy chillaxing for the weekend, everyone!

zhu m said...

bukan otorhinolaryngologists?


rad za said...

I haven't yet done my masters, but I believe this is how I feel when I'm doing lab reports and have to spend hours in the lab when things go slow.

Snuze said...

Rad Za: All the best! If you want to plunge into the mire that is postgraduate work, remember these:

1. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people.

2. Make friends, lots of friends, from all levels (from the janitor, the lab technician, the head of dept, whatever). You may need their help one day.

3. Ask for help. Don't be embarrassed to admit you don't know something. But do your homework first.

4. Manage your time. Set up a Gantt chart and stick to it! I didn't which was why I wandered in the desert for years. :p

5. Take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise and sleep. No point in losing your health (and figure!) in the paper chase.

Bonne chance, ma soeur!

aisyah said...

lol! this is soo embarassing but i have to explain and embarass my self further.

to freddie and snuze (and the rest of the readers...)

i just found out TODAY (?!) from a chinese friend that the curse word upthere is a very rude chinese curse word.
I AM SOOOOOOO SORRRRY! I honestly thought it is a malay curse word, inline with damn, c3laka what nots.
OMG!!! i am soo teruk!
i hear male/ female malay friends use that word so many times.. its automatically wired into my head its a malay word that i dont know the meaning of (~~~)

seriously my bad..

Snuze said...

Hi Aisyah!

It's okay, it happens. The first time I heard f*ck, I asked my Dad what it meant. He pretended not to hear me.

Now, it pops out of my mouth often inadvertently, but it's still bad.