Sunday, October 16, 2011



When is this coming out?


zlkmhd said...

the only downside is reese witherspoon is the love interest..errrr

Ri said...

more than enough draw there for me to want to go see :P

naz said...

Tom hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freddie Kevin said...


I felt good this Moday morn. Hope you are too.

May your weekday be great,
And worries begone.
Dedicated to a wonderful mate,
More than anyone.

Always remember.

Snuze said...

Zu: Well, I ain't gonna be there for Ms Sudu Layu, that's for sure. *snerk*

Ri: Jom! Februari tahun depan. I can book you in advance, right?

Naz: Mr Hardy!!!! *swoons*

Snuze said...

Freddie! That is gorgeous! Thank you so much!

*wallows in auditory bliss*

Freddie Kevin said...


Weekend wonder. Have a celestial one.