Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Willy

I am not much of an animal lover; I don't mind the cuddly ones on screen but IRL, I prefer the stuffed variety. Easier to maintain, no veterinarian bills and no feeding required. However, when I went to the SeaWorld in San Diego, I was sad and outraged that the poor orcas and dolphins were restrained and forced to perform in these tiny pools when they used to roam for thousands of miles in the Southern Ocean and the Pacifics.

Which is why this I heart this ad like eleventy billion times.

Yes, oftentimes I get conflicted when I go to the zoos; watching the animals (big or small) in cages and enclosures are both humbling and saddening to me. I understand that they are safe from predators and are fed and watered well in captivity, not to mention those that are bred in captivity would die in the wilderness, but the artificial habitats reminded me that people may mean well, but meaning well is not necessarily nice.

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